Des Notes & des Mots… février / juin 2015


Some Biography

 Kevin Crawford started his professional life studying under Roy Hart, a charismatic voice teacher whose methods embraced Jungian Psychology, Group Therapy and Individual “Singing work” designed to liberate the voice from narrow conventions so the actor/singer/individual could express what he liked to call “The Eight Octave Voice”. Despite recognition from renowned practitioners like Brook, Grotowski and composers including Maxwell Davies  and Henze amongst others Hart remained a voice from the avant garde until his untimely death in the mid seventies. Kevin’s father Montagu ( Montee), despite being a businessman by profession, had introduced Kevin to Roy Hart and had himself been taking lessons from Hart from the mid sixties. Montagu’s journey through life is partially evoked in MONTEE. Kevin lived and worked in France for twenty years before moving to Dublin where he was faculty at the Samuel Beckett Centre, returning to France in 2002 to take up a one-year stint at the Université d”Artois, before engaging with Accademia dell Arte in Arezzo, Italy where he directs the MFA in Physical Theatre.

Caroline Boersma was born in Amsterdam and studied cello at the Amsterdam Conservatory, and has lived and worked in Italy since 1981. She has played in various chamber ensembles and orchestras and has an extensive discography, in particular with Tripla Concordia, a trio she founded in 1989, specialising in Baroque Music. She has toured extensively with these ensembles in both Europe , the Americas and Japan. In 2011 she founded the Mizar String Trio, and performs with the trio regularly in Italy. She has collaborated with Giovanni Pampiglioni and Pietro Bartolini as a musician for their acclaimed performances of poetry , ancient and modern.